Just my little corner of TESV Skyrim. It’s fairly straightforward:

Screenies – yes a boatload! LOL!

Mods and small projects I do, plus the WIP tab is in this section and will have the current project screens and info.

KOT – Skyrim Kid Replacer I worked on with my friend maymay1588. We’ve decided not to release it ATM – but the kids are cute! have a look!

Testing – Section for permitted shots and feedback of various projects I enjoy testing for other people.


One comment on “About

  1. Hi, Misslexi: just found this site today 8/17/17. Wow: you’ve got a ton of images here! It makes me realize how talented you truly are. I know, you’re humble about that but I still find your images remarkable, esp. Talira! Something about her just really impresses me. If there were one character I could make real and bring into the physical world, it would be her! (Although my wife might be a bit peeved)!!!

    Anyway, this is a great site, and, with your permission, I will visit again.



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