4 New Beta Versions


Bengali Colorway/Trans

enb 2014_12_30 15_45_27_20 enb 2014_12_30 15_35_32_17 enb 2014_12_30 15_29_40_42 enb 2014_12_30 15_22_50_44

And…………….base. Finally! LOL!

 g1&2a g1&2b

b1&2a b1&2b

g1&2c b1&2c



Round 2…….

enb 2014_10_03 12_38_11_74enb 2014_10_03 12_43_05_85  enb 2014_10_03 12_33_39_55

Round 3……

enb 2014_10_03 23_00_16_19enb 2014_10_03 22_43_46_36 enb 2014_10_03 22_55_01_34 enb 2014_10_03 21_33_33_49

More silk today. Ugh. The ‘bridge’ dress is going to need some mesh work.  Still working color toning and normals.

enb 2014_10_02 23_26_20_05

enb 2014_10_02 23_34_13_89 enb 2014_10_02 23_29_55_40

b a

3 2

New texture base for the Naihaan Dress. Changed some UV, and alpha tested in game.

enb 2014_10_01 21_08_39_72 enb 2014_10_01 20_49_23_16 enb 2014_10_01 21_27_49_68 enb 2014_10_01 21_43_01_63


Changed the scale of the bodice pattern back to match the skirt. Think this is better…..

enb 2014_09_28 11_09_37_56 enb 2014_09_28 11_29_38_83

Possible “Alt” outfit for Leila. Texture base. Only got a base done today for skirt & top. Haven’t finished toning/ or layer details yet – so no new normal either – hence a bit flat! LOL!

 enb 2014_09_27 17_34_23_68 enb 2014_09_27 17_45_55_32


enb 2014_09_27 17_34_42_51 Fire & Ice Updates

Here’s Kendo 2’s construction of the small dwelling for the pair in Solitude. I LOVE this! It’s exactly the type of space I’d think of for a pair of merc types who spend more time on the road than at home, and there’s a really great imaginative back-story here (and an Easter Egg!) that tie things together perfectly!

 enb 2014_09_27 14_08_15_12 enb 2014_09_27 14_08_21_01 enb 2014_09_27 14_08_38_90 enb 2014_09_27 14_08_49_49 enb 2014_09_27 14_09_55_66 enb 2014_09_27 14_09_59_64 enb 2014_09_27 14_10_28_78 enb 2014_09_27 14_11_00_13 enb 2014_09_27 14_14_34_17 enb 2014_09_27 14_15_46_88


“Queen of Alinor” Crown

enb 2014_09_25 15_14_34_33 enb 2014_09_25 15_49_57_00 enb 2014_09_25 15_09_48_67


I think this will be the final version for silver. I’m fairly happy with the gold as is for now.

enb 2014_09_24 21_27_51_57enb 2014_09_24 21_31_01_38 enb 2014_09_24 21_30_35_50enb 2014_09_24 21_33_04_75

Redesigned the UV and did this:

enb 2014_09_20 18_10_21_07 enb 2014_09_20 18_10_15_39

Started a crown for the Heilyn NPC. This one I did from scratch in Gimp just using the 4096 UV layout and some jewelry elements I had. Need to do some more work, and i may go back and repaint it without a bump map and just shading to see if that makes the ‘enamel’ parts come out better.

enb 2014_09_19 18_32_21_31enb 2014_09_19 18_32_07_49








Project Just for fun

Untitled Untitled2

Decided to add some alpha props & do a ‘lace’ layer for skirt & 1 arm

1 2

2nd colorway base.

2 1

Pink? (Yes! +15000 armor rating! LOL!)

12 1

Midnight Mass? LOL!



Last one

2 1

Gonna call ’em:

1 – La Drox (Blue & Brown)

2- Crimson & Clover (Burgundy & Olive)

3 – Preppy Handbook (Pink)

4 – Midnight Mass (Purple)

5 – Bo Peep (Light Blue Calico)


WIP – Fire & Ice Followers


Well, we got all our permissions approved – so that’s a go! Now some tweaking of mash-up textures, possible additional gear, and AI checks with the testers!

I’ll eventually be posting the testers shots here as well so you can see the mod in various ENB’s/no ENB’s different lighting, etc.

enb 2014_08_06 19_17_22_57

enb 2014_08_06 19_31_28_05

enb 2014_08_06 21_36_11_40

enb 2014_08_06 21_53_02_64

enb 2014_08_09 18_34_26_01

Ear Clips/Wings

enb 2014 08 18 00 16 59 89 enb 2014 08 18 00 40 20 83

Mesh needs to be scaled (all 40 fuqing pieces of it! LOL! May will have fun with that!) and moved, and I need to finish getting a base texture for the metal before moving onto the gems, and making a variety of color-ways.

enb 2014_09_16 00_34_55_37lenb 2014_09_16 00_36_00_50enb 2014_09_16 00_34_46_44

Black…………OMG this is a nightmare! LOL! Trying to not have it look like a black hole!

enb 2014_08_29 12_22_44_71 enb 2014_08_29 12_21_10_04 enb 2014_08_29 12_17_44_44

Working on this as I want to make a less ‘satiny’ heavier base for my trims to go with

enb 2014_09_03 19_55_52_40 enb 2014_09_03 19_56_13_58 enb 2014_09_03 19_57_21_22

1st base for the red version. Needs toning, etc. and will probably Nif off the sleeve & long tail on the belt to match the blue.

3tri1tri 2tri4tri   enb 2014_09_04 16_46_28_36 enb 2014_09_04 16_52_15_86

Updated all 3. Now detail work begins….I hate normal maps! LOL!

Should I do a stand alone plug-in for these, or just texture re-placers for the original mod?

Actually – I guess I should for us, as I’m using Drox’s mesh edit for the belt. So I’ll ask Drox, and if it’s OK – I’ll do a plug-in and be sure people know to thank/credit Naihaan & Drox for the mesh!

Vanilla Redguard Outfit

enb 2014_08_29 12_37_02_04

Experimenting with this. It’s a mess. I’d like to refine this for Njeri, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s a shame Bethesda did such a crap job on these textures – even the ‘hi-rez’ 2048 one is awful!

enb 2014_08_31 19_01_19_92 enb 2014_08_31 13_17_02_10

Reasonably happy with the shirt and vest. Still need to deal with the pants and leather bits.

9 comments on “WIP

  1. It’s a shame right? I too came back from Skyrim after taking a break from it. I do remember one incident that might have caused you some heat from one other modder. I used you’re retex over the “author’s” retex because it was so dark that it sucks the light around it. It was may favorite because you’re retex has way more color and detail, and it was not too dark.

    Anyway you’re work has always been amazing and it sucks that I can only admire them here and not ingame. I’ll always be a fan, thank very much.


  2. Hey! I was wondering if you would allow me to use some of these textures privately? I’m just really inspired by your work. 🙂 You always seem to have great textures. If not, where did you learn to retexture? I hope you don’t get asked this a lot. D: There are a few tutorials online, but I don’t know what ones are best.

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi selenameeka, apologies, but after what I went through with releasing things publicly, both maymay and I decided not to do it again ever. I have a very small group of friends, like Isleen, who I can trust implicitly and with whom I occasionally share things. Outside that group, no. I’m gratified you enjoy my texture work, but I’m unwilling to venture outside my limited context anymore.
      Texturing, in as far as what I enjoy doing, is not difficult, I mostly taught myself using Gimp, PS, and trial and error. (Hell, I don’t even use a tablet!) So I’m unfamiliar with the tutorials out there. I’d find some that utilize Gimp, as that’s free and thus a good place to start? After you get some basics you can change up to PhotoShop if you want…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your honesty! I don’t know what happened (I had stepped away from gaming for a long time due to real life and I get back and a lot of my favorite modders had left), but I’m sorry it hurt you in such a way. D: Like I said before, I understand backlash. I just didn’t realize you had such a terrible situation. I do have GIMP, I’m just starting to really play with it. I have Photoshop and paint.net as well. I’ll see what I can come up with. At least I’m in the right direction! 😀 Thank you, again. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Sorry, but no, I had enough of “public” and Skyrim years back. As did my mod partner and others. It’s sad. I’d love to share, but I remember all the negativity and viciousness that brings. I really enjoy doing textures, but the only way to keep it fun is to do it just for me.


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