Skyrim Mods, little things! LOL!

Mage Robes. New and Edited



Ruyi Follower

enb 2019_02_17 16_01_11_27enb 2019_02_17 16_00_36_46enb 2019_02_17 16_01_03_21

Nenna Follower

enb 2019_01_28 18_22_55_23enb 2019_01_28 18_22_27_88enb 2019_01_28 18_22_18_37

Ginian Bosmer Followerenb 2019_01_26 22_53_18_07enb 2019_01_26 22_52_39_66enb 2019_01_26 22_50_54_71Astrid Nord Follower

enb 2019_01_26 12_01_49_52enb 2019_01_26 12_02_18_05enb 2019_01_26 12_01_36_88

Indreas Followerenb 2019_01_23 20_12_51_84enb 2019_01_23 20_05_49_68enb 2019_01_23 20_11_26_38

Aabi Follower

enb 2019_01_22 16_42_10_75enb 2019_01_22 16_42_57_11

Thalmor Gang

enb 2018_06_09 01_08_53_21enb 2018_06_09 01_23_45_87enb 2018_06_09 01_20_02_38enb 2018_06_09 01_22_23_52

enb 2018_05_16 02_24_32_61enb 2018_05_16 02_32_41_16enb 2018_05_16 02_38_17_62enb 2018_05_16 02_42_39_36

Royal Hunting Retextures


enb 2018_05_13 05_35_07_82igh

enb 2018_05_06 19_05_28_83enb 2018_05_06 19_22_15_53

Some older things:

enb 2017_07_12 01_21_27_51enb 2017_07_12 00_48_50_63enb-2016_12_25-15_12_24_13enb-2016_12_31-23_36_19_09enb-2017_01_08-01_14_53_53enb-2017_01_08-00_57_00_68enb-2017_01_22-02_20_19_90enb-2017_01_22-02_15_36_76enb-2017_02_01-20_41_58_94enb-2017_02_01-20_39_31_90enb-2017_02_11-10_43_24_26enb-2017_02_11-10_46_59_90enb 2017_03_14 04_45_32_24enb 2017_03_14 04_44_41_43enb 2017_03_29 08_05_44_06enb 2017_03_29 08_09_40_16enb-2016_09_14-16_02_51_77enb-2016_09_14-16_06_11_36enb-2016_09_27-23_46_29_99enb-2016_09_27-23_19_48_62enb-2016_10_06-02_49_40_11enb-2016_10_06-02_40_44_99enb-2016_10_06-20_44_42_15enb-2016_10_06-20_30_16_40enb-2016_10_09-23_26_51_62enb-2016_10_09-23_38_25_28enb-2016_10_14-14_59_14_37enb-2016_10_14-14_51_42_39enb-2016_10_14-05_38_29_12enb-2016_10_15-19_05_44_99baenb 2016_02_13 16_37_47_53enb 2016_02_13 16_41_23_30enb 2016_03_03 12_35_50_27enb 2016_03_03 11_50_33_13enb 2016_03_03 12_04_26_47enb 2016_03_03 12_40_34_30enb 2016_05_30 14_48_44_06enb 2016_05_29 22_53_27_95enb 2016_07_15 06_10_37_52enb 2016_07_15 05_54_11_78enb 2016_07_15 06_31_27_20enb 2016_07_15 06_32_09_20enb 2016_07_15 06_36_27_40enb 2016_07_15 06_32_57_99enb 2016_07_15 06_24_52_65enb 2016_07_15 06_38_34_12enb 2016_05_29 21_08_50_70enb 2016_05_29 21_11_04_58

enb 2017_06_02 18_48_48_25enb 2017_06_02 18_40_05_89enb 2017_05_27 23_40_10_58enb 2017_05_28 00_42_20_74enb 2017_05_25 09_48_41_21enb 2017_05_25 09_45_44_74enb 2017_07_03 03_11_47_75enb 2017_07_03 03_20_05_42

Mannon’s Masks….


Some quick porting for practice I may do some textures of my own for this in a bit.


Original 2 + 18 from me as beta test. Karter Dragon Dress. maymay convo’d to UNP mesh. Treeps added moral support! 😉


Beta – final 7/1/2017


Beta – final 7/1/2017


Beta – final 7/1/2017



Beta – final 7/1/2017


Beta – final 7/1/2017


Spellsword Retex – WIP


04-13-2017 – I am really bad with updates – so I’m adding a bunch of stuff I’ve done anywhere from 2013- present.





Physandra & Talira Followers



Bosmers – Rhys, Riian, Ffion & Physandra (Vampire) Followers


Bretons – Amelie & Alys Followers


Human Races – Rowan, Cymry (Ningheim) Meleri(Nord) La Infanta Ecaterina (Nord Vampire) & Sigbritte (Redguard) Followers


Altmers – Nicoline, Heilyn, Zenomia & Iiren Followers



Dunmers – Talira, Viren, “Maomer” & Maren Followers



Akaviri – Mei Follower


Bosmer – Ffion Follower with custom retex






LDW’s “Fancy Dress” retextures



LDW’s “Fancy Dress” retextures






WIP Retextures 1/24/172a1a

1-2-2017  Haven’t updated this since…..OMG – 2013?  I suppose since may and I stopped modding for the public. Anyway – did a quick convo and textures (Still WIP)


 New Project. Always liked this get-up, just never cared for the textures. So I’ll try some things

Untitled2 Untitled

“Bridge Dress” Textures














Fancy Dress Textures


enb 2015_01_04 13_30_33_98 enb 2015_01_04 15_31_10_28 enb 2015_01_04 16_05_14_79 enb 2015_01_12 12_28_45_18

Figured as long as I was at it, might as well re-do normals & textures for the leaf crown as well. LOL! OCD…, yes?

b e g gg sb s v

Working file for CrownPak

Heilyn Wheat Crown5 Crown4 Crown3 Crown1 Crown2 Alinor Crane

 BETA!!!   Bad Gurrrl  for Aradia Kato   !!!BETA

READ the included README!


OK – Standalone Beta textures for the Aradia Kato Armor.

  1. Bra/Panty/Stocking ‘Armor’ (see the read me)
  2. Full ‘Armor’ – Bra/Corset/Skirt/Panty/Stocking
  3. Corset
  4. Gloves
  5. Boots

Craft-able at the Forge under ‘Leather’ – Upgradable at the Table – OR – console ‘help gurrrl’ for the item list


OK. Beta of the Droxian Velvet Set.

Craftable at the tanning rack – or console “help Drox” for the list of items. Credit for the meshes goes to Naihaan who did the original, Urshi who adjusted it to UNP, and to DROX for fixing the belt and taking off the clipping mess sleeves!

Actually – be very polite if you ask Drox for help – she may be in a bad mood and ice spike you! ;3

Oh – and feedback please guys! : )

enb 2014 08 03 17 14 16 47(1)


We’ll be doing a version using Zonzai’s Real Girls skin textures. Just some tweaking and re-doing an esp for it still!

Kendo 2 has joined as an author and is re-working all the AI, and giving the girls a ‘home of their own’. They’ll have their own routines and sandboxing when he’s done. Really excited to see the 1st couple levels of the dwelling – and his plans for that and his additions to the backstory are fantastic! Well worth waiting for! LOL!


OK. Keep in mind THIS IS A BETA! LOL! So far, the alpha version seems good, but any issues – especially with AI should be reported back to me or Maymay1588 so they can be addressed prior to a full release!


Fire and Ice Followers


Snow Elf. Nightblade class. Abandoned and alone, she is trying to find out about her past, and what happened to her people. She met Leila delving into a Dwemer Ruin in Hammerfall. She is adept with the element of ice, and will use frost based spells and healing, as well as her bow and daggers. Her name she took from the tattered journal she found when she awoke.


Redguard. Spellsword class. Adept at magic from a young age – probably passed down from a Breton ancestress – Leila was somewhat out of place amongst her wealthy warrior family in Rihad. Although trained in sword fighting, her affinity for fire magic has always suited her more. Casting about for a place, she soon fell in with the Thieves Guild, and started exploring ancient places for the wealth she could find.

You’ll ‘encounter’ the girls in the Dwarven Storeroom building where they’re camping before heading into the ruins of Mzulft.

Credits & Permissions:

A big Thanks to all these mod authors who gave their permission for us to use their assets! Be sure to visit their mod pages!


Armor base – Elven Scout Armor by Nikitaa

Armor Textures Base-
aMidianBorn Elven Armor by CaBaL –

Pants – Eldrids Armor Mashup by anka01

Armor Texture – Dark Elven Retexture by jonesha

Gloves – Berserk Judeau Armor by Gimora

Boots – West Wind Combat Series – Assault Armor UNP UNPB BBP by brokefoot

Dagger- Dagger for your Mod by standalone09

Faeneri’s Bow – Noldorian Auriels Bow and Quiver by EcthelionOtW

Brows – True Brows by jimtownirish

Eyes – Iridum Eyes by Halendia

Overlay – KJ Tattoos by Khajiitas

Warpaint – Warpaints and Tats by SkyrimKnight2013

Hair – Newsea

Face & Body Textures(edited) –
SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta

Face Normal: Ethereal Elven Overhaul by Nuska

UNP Body by dimon99

LeanWolf’s Better Shaped Weapons by  LeanWolf and masterofshadows

Elven Electrum-Plated Equipment by AstralFire

Beautiful Freaks Warpaint by MM


Ashara Elven Knight by SydneyB

Kameleon Armor UNP by davjes

 Armor – Bobs Armory Dream Girl Edition by Mr Dave

Pants – zzjay’s wardrobe by zzjay

Earrings – SCJewelry by Severus616

Dagger – Bobs Armory Skyrim by Mr Dave

Body tattoos – Eastern Style Body Art by RefurbMadness

Preset – Children of Skyrim – New Nord Presets and MORE – by FastestDog

Face & Body Textures diffuse(edited) –
SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta

Face & Body SS maps, skin and speculars –
True Daughters of Skyrim by betterbecause –

Scars and Body edits – MisterGibson

Scar Resources – BI Phenotypes by betterbecause

Eyes – Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam

Hair – Newsea
SG268 Hair (texture) Hello Santa

UNP Body by dimon99

Beta version 1.03:

 Crown Conversions. I was bored……

enb 2014_09_02 20_06_04_77  altcrown1enb 2014_09_02 20_05_55_71



(Still working on these for better textures)

Should be Is craftable/upgradeable in jewelry/misc? I’ve just consoled to test! LOL! Search help ‘alt’ for altcrown1-4, (6) yeah I screwed up!/altcrowng 1-5 for the bronzy ones!

 Please no re-distributing or re uploading! Thanks!


Made a set of textures for these as I liked some of the styles, but not the high gloss speculars. You’ll need to remove those from the texture path in Nifscope, and replace the regular textures with these.

Please no re-upping or re-distributing! THX!


LDW  “Fancy Dress” Stand Alone Retexture:

Craft under “misc” at the Tanning Rack




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  1. These are incredible. Is there any chance you could share these with me? I haven’t seen a download option anywhere. If you’re worried about people using your assets, I know next to nothing about modding. The most I’ve done is upload a character preset.


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