Mods I’m Testing

WIP from friends and other mod authors


Haven’t found them ALL yet. But a smattering of pix!

This is going to be a REALLY nice pack. About a dozen followers of every race, class and fighting style. Some have shouts (cool) and they’re placed all over the Skyrim map.

Super nice work – customized AI packages, and beautifully designed, immersive characters for your Dragonborn to take along!

enb 2015_02_25 10_41_05_65 enb 2015_02_25 10_40_56_12

enb 2015_01_28 17_50_03_80 enb 2015_01_28 17_46_23_44

enb 2015_01_19 15_00_55_76

enb 2014_08_31 22_56_44_55 enb 2014_08_31 22_47_49_24

And Released!



2 comments on “Mods I’m Testing

    • LOL! Well, I think this pack stands out as all the characters are so varied. You can grab a mage, spellsword, warrior, etc. And they all have great perks and AI packages. I also appreciate that while they’re all “attractive” it’s in a natural and immersive way, not “arm candy for Conan”
      They have real character, and you feel they’re really part of Skyrim, and fit perfectly into gameplay!


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