3 comments on “Sotteta Huntress Armor UNP by Deserter X – Fun!

  1. I still have to assign Leila and Faeneri a home… I don’t want them to live in that Dwemer ruin forever! Plus, it will be a great excuse to install yet another house mod lol… another one from Elianora, most likely. And this armour looks very interesting, it’s the first time I see a shot of its back, which settled in me the decision to install it as well!


    • LOL! Wow! They’re doing well by you! Their own home! ;3
      And yeah – prolly not something I’d use often – but it was fun to dress up in the wild thing for a change! LOL!


      • It’s an “old habit” I have in Skyrim… assign every follower a proper home, and place vanilla followers in vanilla homes, keeps and whatnot, and custom followers in custom homes. “My home is your home” was a godsend… and this habit started when I saw Golldir willing to stay in that creepy Nord ruin after doing his quest. Back then I was also with Lydia… and given I had all vanilla homes by then, I lent Breezehome to Lydia and Golldir to live there together. Being already Archmage by then, Alma spent her nights mostly in the Archmage Quarters in the College anyways.


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