3 comments on “Another reason I won’t ever release another mod. Yet more IP theft and “Do Nothing” reaction. Because stealing is cool or something…

  1. Looks like there is no end to this, like before it’s happened again… it doesn’t surprises me anymore.
    And as usual, reporting them is useless… because there was never an equal treatment on nexus… Some may do whatever they want, without being punished, some get kicked out for much much less.
    Of course, that all depends whether one is a ”beautiful person” or not. Just like you said once.

    Btw who is that person, I couldn’t see it on these images, because names are masked with black, and where did you found your stuff, on which site?

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    • They probably had it from before I had E take down the mod. They simply re-upped it with their boob armor on a follower compilation and never asked for permission. E and I were very clear no part of our mods could be taken and used without specifically having our permissions. This is just more of the mannerless, self-absorbed assholes populating the “community” As if it isn’t the biggest toxic sludge bath full of hypocrisy and ball-garglers on the planet. Ugh.

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    • ….and sorry, it was in a (one of 5 million kazillion) follower compilation mods uploaded right on the Nexus. Why I never planned to release my followers even before this. Just WAY too many craptastic, lumpy, bumpy, badly sculpted, badly textured “beautiful princess companions” mods out there already. Blech!

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